Dangerous Goods Packing

Packing goods that are dangerous or considered hazardous requires specialist skills. Whether you are looking to transport dangerous goods by AIR, ROAD or SEA, the packing cases, packaging cartons/boxes and pallets must be fit for purpose and compliant with International Standards.

Hazardous Cargo is a specialised area within the transportation sector. The handling, storage and packaging through to Logistics must be dealt with by specifically trained staff.

Safety being the primary concern, Cruiseway insists that all handling procedures and documentation are undertaken by members of staff certified for the handing of hazardous good for AIR, ROAD or SEA FREIGHT ensuring that the goods arrive delivered in the same condition we packed them, with the correct documentation.!

We ensure packing is to  IATA / IMDG / ADR regulations.

Cruiseway pack all Class 1/2/3/4/5/6/8/9with the exception of Class 7 and through our network of International Agents we will deliver WORLDWIDE.


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